Make your projection interactive

Forget static animations and display multi-interactive presentations.
Let the audience interact with your message.

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All the Building Blocks You Need

to change your display to interactive play

Interactive Software

Interactive Software

Display an interactive projection on any surface. The setup wizard will guide you step by step.

App Store

App Store

Compose your device's app library by choosing from game collections. Over 440 professional games for various occasions.

Your Customized Games

Your Customized Games

Make interactive games and presentations from templates. Customize apps for your needs.

Supported devices

Supported devices

Wide selection of cameras for your setup. Different cameras support different interaction techniques.


Step by step

  • Install the Motioncube Player interactive software

  • Connect the camera and projector to your computer

  • Choose your setup and calibrate the projection area

  • Run games from App Store and create your apps from templates

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Discover Motioncube Software

A multi-functional software platform for interactive projection makers that offers them configuration tools, interactive apps, templates, and user control panels.

A multi-functional software platform Check out all the features
Play games using motion

Several app interaction techniques supported

Play games by moving your whole body

Offer your audience interactive games that cater to their needs, like fun, therapy, or learning, through physical play on an interactive surface.

Motion Detection
Games operated with IR pens

Several app interaction techniques supported

Operate games with IR pens

Offer users games supported by interactive pens. You can use this method of operation on the floor or a tabletop. This type of interaction is precise and allows complex games to be played.

IR-Pen Control
Vehicle Motion Tracking

Several app interaction techniques supported

Steer a remotly controlled vehicle on the floor

Allow the user to remotely control the vehicle or robot on the interactive floor. The user shall complete game missions by steering the toy.

Vehicle Motion Tracking
Mobile interface

Several app interaction techniques supported

Play on a mobile interface and observe results in the interaction area

Let users play an interactive game with the mobile interface. Players lead the game heroes to complete the missions. The users observe results in the projection area.

Mobile Augmented UI

Go your way with Motioncube solutions

See how you can use the building blocks to deliver your services.

Can produce serial interactive devices

Want to make your interactive device?

Compose the interactive set, select interaction techniques, apps and manage it under your brand.

Can create interactive applications

Wish to create interactive applications?

Choose template and create games and effects tailored to the needs of users.

Can design a stunning custom interactive space

Need to design a stunning custom interactive space?

For the museum, art gallery, or special events set up the projection and use configurable app collections.

Can scaling the sale of interactive games

Interested in scaling the sale of interactive games?

Earn commission from selling Motioncube games and applications.

We know that interactive games work in many sectors. What is yours?

Works for advert


Works for coding


Works for education


Works for entertainment


Works for events


Works for therapy


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