Mobile Augmented User Interface

Mobile Augmented User Interface
Cooperation of mobile devices with an interactive app on the floor

The Motioncube software has been equipped with an advanced module for network communication, which allows the cooperation of two mobile devices with an interactive device acting as a control device. The solution enables the implementation of distributed interfaces and running net games.

Mobile augmented UI
How it's working?


An example scenario for the application Kodi Challenge Team.

The host launches with an IR pen the application on the interactive floor and selects a game level that the users (or teams) will solve. The user's goal is to lead the hero to the finish line by arranging a code of picture blocks on a mobile device. Ready codes are sent to the main app on which the game will start. The host may download the codes from the players, even if they have not yet been sent to the main app.


In co-op, teams communicate with each other to create codes that will allow their heroes to work together and beat the board together.


In competitive mode, teams work alone. The team whose hero reaches the finish line first or completes a mission wins. Players can set traps for the opposing team's heroes.

How Mobile augmented UI working?

Hardware requirements for mobile augmented UI

Mobile augmented UI uses module for network communication built into the Motioncube. The technical and installation requirements are similar as for IR Pen Control, as the app on a host device is operated by IR pen.


A video camera that can only see infrared light is required (cannot see visible light emitted by the projector). No infrared illuminator for the camera is required. The side installation of your device is prefferable when using IR pen-controlled apps with mobile UI.

Infrared light range

In order for the interactive set to work properly, it is necessary to ensure that all elements - camera and IR pen - work in the same infrared light range.

Projection surface and lighting conditions

The highest comfort in using an app controlled by IR pen is achieved when you play on a flat, smooth uniform surface. Additionally, avoid the direct sunlight falling on the projection area as it may interfere with the interaction.

Mobile devices

In order to use the mobile augmented UI, you need two mobile devices with large screens like tablets with Wi-Fi access and Android OS.

How to configure Mobile augmented UI?

  1. Download the Motioncube Player software to your device.
  2. Run the software on your device.
  3. Select the software version for interactive floors.
  4. Specify the interactions that your device can support - select interaction with IR pen. Only apps of the interaction choice will be listed in the built-in App Store.
  1. Launch dedicated applications on the main device and on your mobile devices.
  2. On your mobile device, enter the IP address shown on the screen of the main device or scan the QR code.
  3. Check if your mobile device has connected to the server app (icon in the upper left corner of the screen).
  4. If you're having trouble connecting, check your Wi-Fi network and make sure you've entered the IP address correctly.

Games and apps with mobile augmented user interface

It is a technological innovation in the interactive flooring market. In addition to operating the game with an interactive pen on the floor, players click in apps on their tablets, creating, for example, instructions for the characters.

These games are accompanied by great emotions caused by, for example, the desire to win, the intention to hinder the rival, curiosity about the development of events or an attempt to face a task. When working in a team, there are issues related to communication in the group, coping with stress and taking responsibility for own and the team's decisions.

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