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Motioncube is a complete platform for technology companies to implement interactive installations.
Get to know the general conditions for using Motioncube for your existing projects or expand your offer with the possibilities that Motioncube gives you.

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For technology partners

If you have designers or specialists in integrating and supporting multimedia devices in your team, this offer may suit you. Additionally, if you have a sales team, you can benefit by providing services or creating products on top of Motioncube.

Available to designers

Available to designers

If you implement individual projects

  • Full access to Motioncube technology
  • Use the Motioncube application database
  • Design your applications using templates
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Available to multimedia integrators

Available to multimedia integrators

If you provide repeat multimedia installation services

  • Access to wholesale prices
  • A demonstration license for your showroom
  • Additional tools supporting device management and distribution of Motioncube content
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Available to series device manufacturers

Available to series device manufacturers

If you can offer and provide support for off-the-shelf products

  • Create and sell devices under your brand
  • Individual prices for a starter set of applications
  • Earn commission on sales of the Motioncube apps
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For sales partners

If you are not a technology company but you have a developed sales network for a given market segment (e.g. educational or other for which you see the potential of using Motioncube), and in addition, you can provide after-sales support for your customers, see what we have for you.

Available to sales partner

Available to sales partner

Join the reselling program for devices already on the market.

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Custom applications

Available to designers access in an open-for-all model

If you are an individual designer or a company that carries out commissioned projects, see what possibilities Motioncube gives you.

You can use ready-made interactive applications. You can also use Motioncube templates to create your interactive creations. Customizable collections such as Move Your Brand can also be useful.


  • individual installations
  • project implementations
  • own-purpose use

Available to

  • creative agencies (content creators)
  • event agencies (using ready-made content or creating their own)
  • integrators of project solutions (creating devices and installations to order)
  • everyone - anyone can be a designer :-)

Access to

  • applications and templates at prices presented in the Motioncube Store
  • Motioncube hardware components (when available)


  • no limitations, i.e. no additional agreement with LavaVision is required; it is not necessary to indicate the fact of using Motioncube software


  • no additional requirements


  • online Help Center

We encourage you to share your impressions of using the Motioncube software, especially when the feedback may help improve the technology or Motioncube content in the project you plan to implement.

LavaVision does not provide individual design support (i.e. it does not provide implementation services and services related to content production on request). However, we can provide above-standard support if you promote Motioncube in your implementation and send us materials for our Case study. Contact us if you are interested in this possibility.

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Reproducible installations

Available to multimedia integrators access in an open-for-all model

If you specialize in delivering or installing interactive solutions and do it systematically consider using Motioncube technology.

With Motioncube you can implement interactive projection technology on floors, walls and tables. For continuous implementations, we provide lower prices and additional technical support (1).


  • for repetitive design implementations (the same configuration implemented many times),
  • for small-series production of devices for later resale.

Available to

  • multimedia integrators,
  • individual designers or companies that plan to replicate the implementation (in the same configuration).

Access to

  • applications and templates at lower prices for wholesale orders paid in advance and for elements that have been previously ordered at least 10 times,
  • Motioncube Player for Windows and Linux Ubuntu,
  • access to the application seller's panel (generating purchase codes, order processing) (1),
  • access to demonstration licenses (starting with one demonstration license for a fixed period - 3 months) (1).


  • no limitations, i.e. no additional agreement with LavaVision is required; it is not necessary to indicate the fact of using Motioncube software


  • no additional requirements if you order wholesale and pay in advance,
  • at least one implementation based on fully paid Motioncube content.


  • online Help Center and individual online support.

(1) in the case of constant cooperation

LavaVision does not adapt the software to the integrator's hardware. The integrator uses the software in the "AS-IS" state, i.e. it is his/her responsibility to integrate/adapt to Motioncube.

We do not expect you to communicate the use of Motioncube during your installations unless otherwise agreed between us (e.g. in exchange for our additional support for your project or the provision of promotional materials).

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Production of serial products

Available to device manufacturers access for selected LavaVision partners

If you produce multimedia devices or have the potential to organize such production in your local market, contact us. We can support your efforts in preparing the best solution for your clients in the market in which you operate.


  • to create devices (or configurations) implemented in series and available as an off-the-shelf product

Available to

  • technology companies that have the potential to ensure high availability of multimedia devices and after-sales support (installation services, device service, technical support)

Access to

  • options already offered to integrators,
  • the ability to create devices (or installation configurations) under your brand (we allow you to introduce additional markings in Motioncube Player),
  • individual prices for the so-called Motioncube starter set (selected collections of applications from the Motioncube Store), which will be installed on each device,
  • commissions for reselling Motioncube content (collections, applications) to customers of your devices,
  • we promote your device in the Store and on the Motioncube Website.


  • the offer is not available in the open model; contact us if you have the idea of ​​wide implementation of Motioncube solutions on your market (also under your brand of the final product),


  • technology team that will provide after-sales support, including installation and service of devices,
  • a developed distribution network on the local market where you plan to offer the product,
  • at least one full implementation of Motioncube solutions in the configuration you plan to offer as an off-the-shelf product has been carried out,
  • readiness to actively engage in promoting the solution in your local market.


  • we provide individual support at the full stage of launching the production of your product (in the scope that concerns the integration of software with hardware)
  • you influence the development of Motioncube (forms of interaction, supported devices, Player functionality, content database in the application store)

Information on exclusivity conditions As a base, LavaVision (which develops Motioncube) does not offer full exclusive cooperation. Our technology (software and hardware components) is always available in an open model to designers and integrators, as indicated above on this page. Nevertheless, if you show us your experience and potential for successful implementation of Motioncube solutions in the indicated local market and for a specific market segment, we can offer you exclusive business conditions (especially regarding prices) and the level of marketing support (access to promotional materials and additional visibility on the Motioncube website), that will allow you to gain an effective competitive advantage.

In the following markets, LavaVision already operates in an exclusive business model, providing Motioncube solutions in the form of off-the-shelf products with strategic partners:

  1. Poland - cooperation with Mentor Polska ( - manufacturer for the Polish market SmartFloor interactive floor (
Become our partner in your market today. Contact us .

Motioncube Brand Visibility Even though we offer you our solutions for implementation under your brand of the final product (device or installation configuration) we are not sacrificing the visibility of the Motioncube brand as a technology and App Store. Users of your device who want to use the application store will be required to create an account in the Motioncube Store. Additionally, when cooperating on an exclusive business basis, we expect that your product page indicates the use of Motioncube technology.

Hardware Platform There are several options to get your hardware up and running quickly: (a) If you already have an integrated device, such as an interactive floor with other software, try Motioncube. (b) Use our DIY kit (housing + electronic module, without computer and projector) - available soon. (c) Build your own set (see what cameras we support (d) Contact us to ask which of our current partners can cooperate with you by providing you with a ready-made hardware platform.

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Distribution of ready-made solutions and other forms of cooperation

Available to distributors and content partners access for selected LavaVision partners

If you are not a technology company, but you have a developed sales network for a given market segment (e.g. educational or other for which you see the potential of using Motioncube) and in addition, you can provide after-sales support for your customers, see what we have for you.

Cooperation scenarios:

  1. Off-the-Shelf Solutions: Promote and sell our partners' products on your market - Add the highest quality interactive products to your offer, such as interactive floors and interactive tabletops operated by hand or with the possibility of operation with QR blocks.

    Please contact us to determine the availability for your market of products using Motioncube.

  2. Implementing Solutions via Local Integrators For a market-tailored approach, we encourage you to collaborate with local multimedia integrators. This option allows for the creation of bespoke solutions based on Motioncube technology, catering specifically to the unique needs of your market and customers.
  3. Co-Creation of New Ventures: We are open to learn your vision and ideas for collaboration. If you have a concept or project in mind that leverages Motioncube technology, we are excited to explore these opportunities together. Your insights into your market segment, combined with our technological expertise, could pave the way for innovative applications and expand business models.
LavaVision is willing to provide needed support, including technical assistance, training, and marketing resources, to ensure the success of our partnership. Our goal is to create a mutually beneficial relationship that achieves business objectives and pushes the boundaries of what's possible.

Q & A

Please note that Motioncube is only technology - in the form of software (Motioncube Player and applications and templates in the store). Motioncube is not an integrated device that you can order off the shelf. Additionally, the team developing Motioncube software, LavaVision, does not provide installation services. However, we create the best technology for interactive projection and interactive content (games and applications) so that you can use it in your projects or installations. If you do not have technological competencies and are looking for an integrated solution, inform your local multimedia suppliers (companies with technological competencies) about Motioncube and ask them for an individual offer for you.
See the cooperation framework for multimedia integrators and the distribution of ready-made solutions. Decide which path suits you best and contact us.

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