Supported devices

Motioncube works with a variety of cameras.

7 camera devices supported

  • in production SW release +6 months,
  • ready to work,
  • in development,
  • partial / basic support,
  • planned,
  • not supported
recommended for single installations Orbbec Astra Astra, PRO, PRO+ Intel
model D435
Kinect v2
(discontinued model)
Motioncube IR-Kit
Single Camera Kit
(not in stock yet) *
Motioncube IR-Kit
Dual Camera Kit
(not in stock yet) *
Infrared Camera
with IR Illuminator
Infrared Camera
without IR Illuminator
Main features
Automatic detection
of interaction area
Can see immovable objects
Interactive Floor
Motion Detection
IR Pen Control
RC Vehicle Tracking
Interactive Table
Motion Detection
IR Pen Control
Hand Control
AR Marker Control
Interactive Wall
Motion Detection
IR Pen Control
Ball Bounce Detection
IR Toy Gun
* Read more about the Motioncube IR-Kit and its features.

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