Motioncube App Templates

Motioncube App Templates
Make apps without writing code

Motioncube application templates allow you to configure apps with your graphics and music. Templates give you access to many parameters, thanks to which you can adjust the look, sounds, operation and effects in the application to your needs. It is an advanced design tool for demanding users and is very easy to use.

Create amazing games and presentations!

Create amazing games and presentations!

Making the template-based app is done directly in the Motioncube Player on your computer or projection device. Connect a mouse and keyboard and switch to the Designing mode to see available templates in Your App Library and in the App Store.

Templates are designed for motion-controlled apps. Browse the templates and select the one you need. We constantly develop our base of app templates. You can also edit already created apps to adjust them to the new requirements.

Each template includes a Tutorial that will guide you throug all configurable options. Navigating the template is intuitive and clear thanks to the division of the app configuration process into three simple, logical steps.

  • Templates can be configured in the Designing mode using the keyboard and mouse. The editor interface is optimally adapted to the working conditions - an interactive display or computer screen.
  • In the Help Center for App designers we included the instructions and tips for creating and managing your apps.

App creating in three steps

Enter basic information about your application. Give it a name, add a short description and a graphic icon. Save it.

Give your application a new look. You can place your graphics, customize animations and effects, and add sounds.

Enable additional screens in your app. You can change the appearance of each popup screen according to your needs.

How can Motioncube templates help you?

Implement unusual customer requirements

You can create effects and games tailored to the specific requirements of the most demanding customers.

Advertise a product or brand

Use the power of an interactive game to make your ad more attractive. Engage your audience through movement and keep their attention for longer.

Create apps and sell them to your customers

Make money with your apps. Create apps from templates and export them on other devices.

Create and earn

Use your apps in your business!


Create animations and games and sell them to your customers.

Export the app to your Motioncube account and share with others.


Create animations and games and sell them on the Motioncube App Store

Publish the created application in the Motioncube store.

* Option available to Motioncube partners and serial device manufacturers

What do we offer in Motioncube app templates for you?

Resolution elasticity

The interfaces of games and app editor adapt to the resolution of the screen/visual projection.

Be app designer

Design your graphics, adjust animations, interaction effects, configure game screens and create amazing applications.

Simple setup

Navigating the template is intuitive thanks to the division of the configuration process into simple, logical steps.

Unlimited configurations

Create as many apps from a template as you want. Edit created apps any time you need.


Follow our instructions and go through the process of creating an app without special training.

Configurable screens

Select and configure various game screens - instruction, intro, start, success, end screen - as you need.

Try Before You Buy

Run a demo version of the selected template from App store. All options, but creating apps, are available.

Templates update

Updates for purchased templates are available for free. You will get the update notification in Motioncube Player.

Manage your apps

We do not charge for exporting the application. You decide how you manage them and share.

Types of Motioncube app templates

How to start work with a template?

You can try all app templates before deciding which ones you need.

  1. Create an account at
  2. Install the Motioncube Player.
  3. Login in the Player and go to Application store tab.
  4. Select desired app template and try demo.

Need help? Go to Help Center for App Designers.

How to start work with Motioncube template?

Discover the offer of app templates and ready games