User Motion Detector

User Motion Detector
Play the game by moving your body

This interaction module allows you to operate games and applications that react to the movement of a person moving on the board. Simply walk across the floor and observe the reaction in the projection area.

Motion detection
How it's working?


Motion detection is realized with a camera mounted next to the projector.


Interaction (i.e. reaction in the app) is triggered by every movement that the camera sees. Not only the mere contact with the surface on which the image is projected evokes a reaction, but also the shadow that accompanies the movement.


The motion detection algorithms used in the Motioncube analyze only the change of motion. Stationary objects are not detected, so they do not interact with the app.


The app reacts to the movement in the way it was programmed. Expected moves will trigger a reaction in active areas on the projected image.

How Motion detection working?

Hardware requirements for Motion detection

To enable motion interaction with apps on the projection surface, your hardware configuration should meet the following requirements:

Hardware requirements for Motion detection


A video camera that can only see infrared light is required (cannot see visible light emitted by the projector). Read more in Help Center about preffered video cameras for working with Motioncube software.

Infrared illuminator

For the interactive set to work correctly, it is necessary to ensure that all elements - camera and illuminator - work in the same infrared light range.


When choosing a projector, consider the projection ratio relative to the mounting height, lamp brightness, and mounting method. The side or top-centre installation of your device is OK when using motion-controlled apps.

How to configure Motion detection?

How to configure
Motion detection?

  1. Download the Motioncube Player software to your device.
  2. Run the software on your projection device or a computer connected to the camera.
  3. In configuration wizard select the software version for interactive floors. Changes in configuration can be done any time in Settings > Advanced > Service mode > Configure Motioncube.
  4. Specify the interactions that your device can support - select Motion interaction. Only apps of the interaction choice will be listed in the built-in App Store.
  5. Launch the interactive floor wizard, which will guide you through the process of calibrating the camera to get the correct interactive projection environment. You may skip this step if you try the software on your personal computer.

Games and apps
with motion interaction

Promoting active play through movement is advantageous for people of all ages. Interactive games offer an enjoyable way for individuals at parties and social gatherings to participate in cooperative or competitive activities. Additionally, these games aid in the intellectual and physical growth of both school and preschool children, allowing them to learn while developing social skills such as teamwork, competition, and mutual assistance.

The physical activity involved in motion gaming is also vital for effective learning and maintaining good health. Additionally, playing games that involve motion can enhance motor coordination, making it a valuable tool in rehabilitation. Our wide-ranging collection of applications includes activities such as track running, ball games, and language puzzles, among others.

Games and apps with motion interaction

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