Five important differences between Motioncube and similar solutions

In this article, I will focus on the applications of Motioncube for the preparation of interactive floors from a designer and developer perspective.

As you may know, Motioncube was developed from the beginning as a system for floor projection and in this use it has all the necessary components such as interactive games for users, templates for designers, and support for device makers.

See the top 5 differences between Motioncube and other solutions on the market.

Motioncube is standalone software, not an integrated device

What does it mean for you? If you are a designer and are looking for software that will help you create a customized interactive projection for your client or for mass production, you don't have much choice. When browsing the Internet, you will mainly find integrated solutions, i.e. devices from various manufacturers with their own or external software. You will also find companies that provide interactive floor rental services. However, they use other ready-made devices available on the market. There are very few systems (as software) that you can download and configure to work with your computer device.

Motioncube is software that is not related to specific hardware. You have great flexibility in adapting its capabilities to your needs.

Motioncube is not only for movement fun, and not only on the floor

A typical interactive floor (in fact, almost every interactive floor device currently available on the market) provides interaction only through movement - you move on the floor and see the reaction. For Motioncube, this was the starting point in 2014 when we started working with this technology. Since then, our team has worked to move beyond projections on the floor and beyond interactions through body movement. Over these few years, we have developed software that can be used naturally on the floor, table and wall. We have also introduced forms of control that are not available elsewhere, such as infrared pen control (the effect is the same as on interactive whiteboards), tracking of remotely controlled vehicles, an interface extended to mobile devices, detection of codes on external game cards, analysis of hand movements on the table, detection of ball bounced from the wall surface. You won't find all this in any other interactive solution on the market!

What is more, you can design apps directly in the Motioncube Player on your device and play them immediately after creation! It is a multi-purpose environment enabling configuring the projection, making apps and playing.

Motioncube means unlimited interactions. Create a multi-interactive space for various use cases with Motioncube.

Designed from the beginning for easy configuration

We have been designing Motioncube for over 5 years. We started with single implementations and with support provided to individual integrators in their implementations. Later, Motioncube was adapted to support serial production. For several years, we have been working intensively to provide our partners with a full platform for the integrated devices they produce. We supply all key components, i.e.:

  • software for devices - Motioncube Player,
  • dashboards for configuring computers (like mini PCs) and managing Player licenses,
  • app store infrastructure,
  • extensive and diversified content in the form of a collection of applications,
  • reference components and devices and knowledge on how to integrate elements effectively.

Your role as a device manufacturer is to integrate the components into final device, sell it and provide support to users. You have a ready software platform from Motioncube.

Think of Motioncube as Android or IOS for smartphones and create your devices with it!

High-quality educational content and more

If you have already reviewed the interactive floors (or software for interactive floors) available on the market, you have probably noticed that the content offered there is usually fancy animations or simple, animated and often too dynamic motion games. They are suitable for short-term entertainment, not for long-term play or work with a group of children.

In Motioncube it's a bit different. From the very beginning, we have emphasized high-quality educational content for children and applications that may have the potential for therapeutic work with children and the elderly. In the last two years, we have expanded the content with applications for special occasions (including birthdays, weddings, and anniversaries), supporting brand promotion and other business applications, as well as learning coding and algorithms for children. We have also expanded the database of templates for designers.

At Motioncube you will find high-quality applications for many occasions.

Simple pricing model - you pay once, use as long as you want

Convenience for users - this is our motto at Motioncube. This is also reflected in the pricing model. We have made a simple assumption here - you pay once and use as much as you want. You make purchases in the App Store. We do not use subscriptions.

We chose this pricing model after conversations with our partners and designers who use our software. For them, it is crucial to settle once and close the settlement when delivering the solution to customers (either users of serial devices or those ordering dedicated projects). We make this possible.

We are also open to launching a subscription model if this is expected in a given market.

From a designer's perspective, we do not expect payment for subsequent applications created and used on the same device. In some competitive solutions, you will pay for each application you create.

And now you may start for free with the Motiocube 3D Fish interactive app!

Thank you for reading,

Motioncube Team


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